Project Safety Management


Project Safety Management

Every good project plan contains safety management to help with the prevention, mitigation and resolution of safety issues on your construction site. A good project safety management plan includes strategies and processes to mitigate related risks.

Health & Safety Coordinator

We act on your behalf addressing your project needs and requirements to ensure nothing is missed and all legislative responsibilities and due-diligence are met. We’ll work closely with your project management team on new and ongoing projects and take on the responsibility for safety coordination and management so you can focus on the project.

Project Hazard Assessments

Project Hazard Risk Assessments that will gather information needed to prevent or mitigate any safety issues during the life of your project. It is in everyone's best interest to prevent and mitigate the risk to workers prior to starting work.

Worksite Safety Management Plans

Safety Management Plans provide a complete and comprehensive document comprised of all the elements that make up the requirements needed to implement and control an effective Safety Management Plan for all of your projects.

Project Safety Coordinator

Safety compliance throughout the project is critical. Make sure your trades onsite are meeting their responsibilities and have the necessary training for their job.




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